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Being in sales meant that I needed to feel confident about my appearance. In my late forties, I was struggling to continue to cope with my seriously thinning hair. Meeting with new clients, my mind was constantly on my hair: Were they looking at my face or at my thinning hair; was the bright light making me look even balder? It got to the point where I dreaded having to get ready for work. I couldn’t just blow dry my hair and go; instead, I relied on a variety of hair products that promised to thicken my hair “instantly”. I would brush my hair in place and spray it heavily, in an effort to keep it in place so that if the wind blew I wouldn’t appear to be bald in the front. When I was younger with a nice full head of long hair, I enjoyed nothing more than feeling the breeze blow through my hair.
When it got to the point where I didn’t want to be around people much and had to force myself to go into the office, I knew I had to do something about this problem. But what? I had tried all the recommended solutions, herbs and vitamins, even scalp massage, to no avail. Then in spring of 2006, I started browsing through the Yellow Pages for hair replacement businesses. I saw the ad for Nu-Hart Hair. I dialed their number several times, but couldn’t go through with making that first call. Two weeks later, I DID make the call. It was very difficult for me to verbalize my situation and I struggled to maintain my composure as I began – I felt very close to tears. The lady who took my call seemed so compassionate and concerned and made it easier for me to get through that first call. There was no pressure and she assured me that she would be there when I was ready for my first visit.
The day of that first visit is one I will never forget. I asked my consultant if I had any options, other than a complete hair transplant. When she explained how she could help me specifically, I felt like I had hope. When I first looked in the mirror and saw myself with my new look I was moved to tears. I couldn’t believe the transformation – and I don’t just mean in my physical appearance. I felt like a new person, ready to start living my life again to the fullest. I felt younger and much more confident. I no longer had to spend hours “plastering: my hair in place to get through the day. I no longer dreaded bright lights and breezy days. I felt like myself again for the first time in years.
I can never fully express my gratitude to the staff of Nu-Hart Hair for their sincere and caring attitudes and willingness to help. They truly understand the deep emotions that are associated with women’s hair loss and their compassion is next to none! If I could I would tell every woman who is suffering with this problem to just pick up the phone and make that first call – it WILL change your life!”